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Who Can Wear A High Waisted Thong Bikini?

As it so happens the high waisted thong bikini is a trend worth reviving. That’s why the look has been absolutely everywhere lately, there’s been a sudden influx of people wearing the look on the beach, at the pool and all over Instagram. It’s been popular with celebrities, it’s been popular with influencers, it’s even been popular with your Mum who probably remembers it from the first time it was trendy. So who can wear this look? Well, the simple answer is everybody! Read on below to find out why this look works with every body type and every kind of person.

Skinny girls

Even if you’ve got an itty-bitty waist, a tiny butt and no breasts to speak of, a high waisted thong bikini will still look great on you. This look is not just for curvy girls – it looks great on even the most rail thin, model-like among us, that’s why so many models are loving this look! A high cut means that this design will make you look like you’ve got a bigger, rounder bottom than you actually do and it will draw attention to your already tiny waist giving you an enviable figure for your days spent on the beach. If you usually feel like your full coverage bottoms are making you look like you have nothing happening in the derriere department and like all your string bikini does it draw attention to a flat chest, then it’s time to invest in a high waisted thong bikini. They pair wonderfully with just about everything, especially frilly tops and other designs that can give the impression that you’re more voluptuous than you actually are.

Curvy girls

curvy woman in red high waisted thong bikini

Sometimes the curvier girls amongst us are tempted to hide their best assets under swathes of material. The problem is that if you’ve got a nice round butt, you’ll end up looking a bit like you’re wearing a nappy with full coverage bottoms. Don’t hide your natural assets, put them out on display with a high waisted thong bikini! The high waist will give a subtle lift to your butt and will make you look more balanced out. Make larger breasts look subtly lifted as well with a strappy, interesting top. Curvy girls looks fantastic in tiny, string designs but if you feel like you need a little bit more coverage and support, opt for thicker designs.

Plus size girls

A lot of plus size girls will opt for a one-piece on the beach or try to cover up, but we say be confident and proud of your natural body. The great thing about a high waisted thong bikini is that they’re great for minimizing the areas of concern that most women have, like the tummy and the love handles, whilst it makes other areas, like your butt and your waist look great. There are some designs out there that provide a little bit more coverage and will give you an amazing vintage silhouette, or get comfortable and go for a looser design with tiny strings – it’s totally up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

Summer is just around the corner, so start shopping for your beachwear and try out this new trend this year! See what all the fuss is about and why everyone is wearing these this summer. Most swimsuit designers have jumped on board so we’re sure you won’t have any problem finding a design you love. Look around in your favourite stores or online, there’s a high waisted thong bikini to suit every body shape and style. …