Ask These Questions When You are Meeting the Client for the First Time

As criminal lawyers campbelltown you would have a lot of roles of responsibilities on your shoulder and when you are meeting the client for the first time you must make sure that you have spoken to them completely about the case and only after that have your things clarifies should you work with them as some of the clients will be extremely secretive and with this attitude it becomes extremely difficult for you to fight for the justice.

So below mentioned are some of the questions that you must definitely ask your client even before you decide to take up their case because it’s just not the client’s prerogative to choose the lawyer but as a lawyer you also have equal responsibility of working with the client of your choice.

  1. Understand the behavior of the client

You must first understand the case completely and for that you have to first fix an appointment with the client and understand the mindset of the client because some of the clients would have walked into you because you are one of those renowned lawyers in the city or you may have actually been a reputed one and in order to spoil the reputation of the criminal lawyers Campbelltown there are few people who would just be walking to your office.

You must sit down with the client and get the intention right and this can happen only when you start questioning them the right things like asking them about their family background and also the occurrence of the event and also their involvement in the act and these are the thing which can actually give you a clear picture about the entire case.

  1. Have they met any other lawyers?

The next important question that you must definitely ask your client is to make sure if they have already gone ahead and met the other criminal lawyers or if this case has already been handled by somebody else because this can again be a kind of help to you.

It would make you understand that these people are not reliable enough and if it is a fresh case then you can definitely go and take it up only if you feel like this is a genuine case.

  1. Check the profile of the client

Remember to also understand the background of the client because some of the clients have a very influential background and because of this day may influence your thought process as well and as criminal lawyers campbelltown you have a greater responsibility to play. So in case if the client comes from a highly influential background it is very good to drop the case.

  1. References can be dangerous at times

Also make sure to check whether the client has come through any of the references because some of the clients maybe of high profile and I would have a lot of expectations from you and this can again be a drawback for you to work on the case.

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