5 Tips To Avoid Needing Car Accident Lawyers In Cairns

If you are motorist who drives around Far North Queensland, then if you get into a smash with another vehicle you may require the help of good car accident Cairns lawyers. Needless to say, having to go into a legal dispute with another driver in order to determine who was at fault for a collision is stressful and time consuming – so it’s better to avoid needing a car accident lawyer in Cairns in the first place.

Vehicle collisions occur all the time and to avoid them you need to both watch your own driving behaviour and habits as well as those of other drivers. Doing this will help you be a safer driver which keep you and your passengers safe as well as helping you avoid the stress and expense a collision can bring to everyone involved.

Let’s take a look at some safe driving tips you can use to avoid needing to engage a car accident lawyer in Cairns.


1.     Watch your speed

The most obvious and effective way to avoid needing to see a car accident lawyer in Cairns is to watch your speed carefully and slow down where it makes common sense to. When the roads are busy, or wet, or there are lots of pedestrians (like right after school finishes) then it makes sense to be more cautious of your speed and even go a little under the prescribed speed limit.

Some other drivers are lunatics who absolutely need to speed their way around everything with the bare minimum of safety considerations. Don’t be one of those people – watch your speed so you don’t end up need to spend money hiring a car accident lawyer in Cairns.


2.     Don’t tailgate

Another way to avoid having to see a car accident lawyer in Cairns is to make sure you follow the rule of leaving a 2-3 second gap between the front of your car and the rear of the car ahead of you. Driving within this time window is known as ‘tailgating’ and it makes the driver in front of you anxious as well as gives less time for you to stop if they need to stop suddenly.

Also, stopping and starting constantly to tailgate in heavy traffic is going to wear on your brakes and bleed petrol without getting you to your destination any faster.


3.     Always use your indicators

One important way to stay away from needing a car accident lawyer in Cairns is to make sure you are always signalling correctly with your indicators. Failing to properly indicate where you intend to turn means the cars around you can only guess as to what you’re going to do next – needless to say this is a recipe for disaster.


4.     Parallel park where you can

Parallel parking can be tricky, but it is a good way to avoid the need to see a car accident lawyer in Cairns. This is because parking between two vehicles means there’s no room for anyone to start a new park next to you, meaning there is no room for them to scrape your vehicle.


5.     Don’t drive while fatigued

While driving may be a mundane, everyday activity for you – that doesn’t mean it’s something you can do with your eyes closed or without full attention. Many people don’t realise they are driving the same route home on autopilot and not really actively watching for threats around them, assuming the drive home will always be the same.

Those are just a few important tips for avoiding collisions while driving and in turn avoiding the need to hire a car accident lawyer in Cairns.

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