Year: 2019

Tips Men Should Remember For Their First Nude Massage Session

If you’re a man and you’re about to have your first nude massage from a professional therapist, then you might understandably feel some initial awkwardness. If you have never really exposed your body in this way to strangers, then it can be pretty daunting to get naked in front of someone you just met.

There are a few obvious and not-so obvious rules that you will want to follow to ensure the experience goes smoothly.


The gender of your therapist

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way; it’s not gay to get a nude massage from a therapist who is the same gender as you – and some men will even swear by their male therapists. There is nothing inherently sexual about this kind of therapy as it is simply muscle manipulation designed to soothe you and provide therapeutic relief.

Most guys will opt for female therapists because that is simply their preference and there’s nothing wrong with that. The only person in the room is thinking of the experience as sexual or intimate is you – so get these thoughts out of you head and just get the damn nude massage.


Clean yourself beforehand

Obviously, you don’t want to show up looking like you just spent 6 weeks at sea. Wash yourself thoroughly before going to your nude massage so that your therapist will be happy to see you and can get started straight away. Don’t ignore the nooks and crannies of your feet as the therapist will likely scrub rub them as well.


Show up early

Before your nude massage, there might be some annoying admin stuff to do with the receptionist which will take time, so its best to arrive a bit early and get that out of the way. This will mean you get to your session faster and the therapist spends less time waiting. Show up 15 minutes early for your first session to allow time for paperwork, then when you become a regular you can show up 5 mins early.


Turn you phone off and put it away

This should be obvious – you can’t enjoy a nude massage if you’re scrolling Facebook at the same time. Turn your phone off completely so that there’s no chance of even a vibration disrupting the relaxing equilibrium the therapist is trying to create for you. Honestly, the therapist would probably hate you forever if you actually attempted to use a phone during the session.


Only get as naked as you want to

This is the part of the nude massage where you get naked and while it should be a simple exercise a lot of people find exposing their genitals a bridge too far no matter what the context is. If you are this kind of person, then you can wear your underwear and go through a process of taking them off under a sheet.

Honestly, just get naked and get on with it. It’s a nude massage so what did you expect anyway?


It’s okay to fart

Look, sometimes when you feel really relaxed, so do other parts of your body and they tend to let things slip out. A couple of farts will be fine, but if you start to fumigate the premises then you have probably got a bigger problem to worry about than a sore back.…

How Local Brands Optimise Their Output Through Commercial Solar Panels

Local brands who are competing against big market competitors have to ensure that they are making gains in every department.

Any facet of the organisation that is lagging behind can cause costs to spiral out of control and for significant cuts to be instigated.

On the topic of energy consumption, local outlets are deciding to make the switch towards commercial solar panels to optimise their output and become a sustainable entity for the long-term.

We will make the connection between key objectives for local brands and the installation of commercial solar panels that open more doors for Australian businesses.


Cashing in on Financial Incentives

Owners who are examining the benefits of commercial solar panels will likely revolve their concerns around the costs of installation. With other issues on the budget playing their role, this can be seen as something of a drawback. The good news is that there are financial incentives at hand with the federal government offering tax concessions to offset those short-term anxieties. With the ability to sell off excess energy generated on site to the public grid and cutting down on the increasing utility costs on domestic properties, suddenly the financial picture becomes clearly for businesses that are looking after their long-term viability.


Extra Energy Consumption Options

The flexibility that is on show from commercial solar panels becomes a major selling point for constituents in the business community. By applying a range of panels across the roof structure, owners and managers can select how far they want to go, how much energy they require in the interim, how much they want to save for low peak periods and how much they want to sell off to subsidise their costs. Other outlets across the country in rural, suburban and metropolitan centres have to simply take the public supply at face value without leveraging any of these opportunities.


Boosting Property Valuation

Solar panels

Business environments that have installed commercial solar panels are already steps ahead of locations that are sticking to traditional electricity generated from the public grid. Especially when the subject of property valuation arises, these clients are able to see significant gains made when evaluators in the market officially list the price. With the increase in the level of technology and having a location that is future-proofed for decades to come, real estate agencies and buyers find that these premises are a more attractive proposition.


Becoming a Green Brand

Local enterprises will love the PR adulation that will come from making a transition towards commercial solar panels. This eco-friendly technology works to lower carbon emissions and ensure that a business can operate in a self-sustainable setting. The capacity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is vital for the welling of the planet and the local community, but on a very surface level there is an incentive to improve the commercial image of the organisation. By demonstrating that global responsibility is more than a marketing buzzword, this integration will be viewed positively by investors, customers and sponsors.


Superior Energy Performance

With so much competition increasing with commercial solar panels, it is the responsibility of each supplier to ensure that their client is receiving the best efficiency rating available on the open market. Efficiency ratings have been reported anywhere in the region of 15-23% for customers in 2019 as new models are introduced to the business community. When weighed against the traditional grid source, this is an item that won’t allow for any low peak periods while additional energy can be leveraged. If energy access and quality control is a major consideration for a company, then this is the only option available that will consistently tick the right boxes.



Facts About the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Viewing the Grand Canyon in any season and at any time of the day is a lifetime experience, but it looks the best during the hours of sunset. The travelers can take this exhilarating feeling with the help of a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. The view of the Grand Canyon is breathtaking, and the helicopter ride will take one all around the Canyon.  There is no hurry as the agencies offer enough time for each ride. The tour to the Canyon also includes other attractions like Lake Las Vegas, Mead Lake, some extinct volcanoes like the Fortification Hill, the large Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, and other amazing things. The 360-degree view also shows the wildlife present in the entire region. These things can be viewed while sitting in the helicopter and traveling to the Grand Canyon. The helicopter has large windows which makes it easy to take a better view of all these.

Proper planning to visit the biggest landform on Earth

This is a natural site away from the loud and chaotic city life. People can visit the place for a day and relax from their busy work schedule.  The helicopter ride offers a closer look of the majestic Grand Canyon from a 180-degree angle. The agencies offer special treatment to their customers in this helicopter ride. They offer drinks and snacks and other beverages during the tour. While flying to the great Canyon or while returning the helicopters fly over the Colorado River to a height of nearly 300 feet. The Colorado River flows along the feet of the Canyon. The helicopter sees a safe spot and gives a halt so that the tourists can enjoy the reddish appeal of the rock structure. Finally, the helicopter returns to the downtown area of Las Vegas.

The flamboyant landform on the Earth

The helicopter carrying the passengers soars above the Grand Canyon and goes above it so that the passengers can have a full view of the surrounding. The Grand Canyon helicopter ride includes the North Rims, the South Rims, and the West Rims of the Canyon. The helicopter flies down to the feet of the Canyon so that the passengers can enjoy the beauty surrounding the Canyon. The travelers must carry the necessary documents like ID proofs issued by the Government and children below 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian and have age proof. The children who are three years old or below are considered complementary, and they can travel on their parent’s lap. The helicopter tour packages are of various types, and some include only the helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon while others include skywalk packages, sunset viewing at the feet of the Canyon, Hoover Dam viewing and other similar activities. The view below from an altitude is really amazing and refreshing. This tour of Grand Canyon takes tourists away from the busy streets of the city and closer to nature.…

How To Make Your Search For A Qualified Arborist A Whole Lot Easier For Yourself

Burn out is a very real thing and often this occurs when people’s schedules are packed to the brim and then something else unexpected arises that requires people’s attention and effort which they do not have to give. Even though it might be something small, it can often be enough to send people over the edge because they are so busy doing other things that they had planned. For instance, people may be trying to finish a renovation on their investment property only to find that there is a big tree in the way of completing their project.

When things like this do occur, people will have to take time out of their schedule in order to cater to them. The only trouble is that something else will likely have to suffer when people do have to take this time to take care of the task at hand which will then contribute to feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety. So to best aid those who are feeling busy and burned out, here is how to make your search for a qualified arborist a whole lot easier for yourself.


You can make your search for a qualified arborist a whole lot easier for yourself by using a quoting website


For busy people out there, they will usually not have the time that is required to obtain quotes from professionals such as a qualified arborist. If people do not take the time to do this, however, they may find that they end up working with someone who is less than desirable. For instance, they could end up choosing someone who does not complete the task on time or who does not complete the task correctly.

As there are so many consequences that can arise, it is important that busy people figure out a way that they are able to get quotes from different professionals to see what kind of prices out there as well as to see how professionals operate in general. But even though this is extremely important, this doesn’t magically free up time for people in order to go about this. Thankfully, people can make life easier for themselves by using a quoting website which will do this for them so that all they have to do is login at the end and decide between the people who have submitted quotes.


You can make your search for a qualified arborist a whole lot easier for yourself by handballing the task to someone else

One of the biggest mistakes that people can make when they are needing to drop what they are already doing in order to get something else done is that they think that they have to do this themselves. What people may not realise is that they are able to save themselves a whole lot of time, money, and energy, by outsourcing or handballing a certain task, no matter how small it may be. For example, when people are needing to go about finding a qualified arborist to work with, they can ask a close friend or family member to do this for them.

For others, they may have an assistant which they can get to complete the task and then people could always put the task on a job site such as AirTasker where they are able to pay someone else to obtain quotes for them. As it can be seen, getting a little inventive can be a great idea when people are needing to make life a little bit easier overall.


Tips For Finding A Good Orthodontist In Bligh Park

If you want to find a good orthodontist in Bligh Park, there are a few tips you need to follow in order to ensure you only end up with a worthwhile practitioner. If you don’t follow these tips and just select blindly from a random list of candidates, you might end up getting someone who is unprofessional and actually risks doing more harm than good to your smile.

An orthodontist in Blight Park is going to be able to help you with the adjustment of your teeth so that they adopt a proper alignment. Seeing this kind of professional is the standard go-to medical response for people who have an overbite, underbite or some other kind of misalignment.

Needless to say, making sure you only end up with the right kind of practitioner is essential as they are working with a highly sensitive area of your body. A case of malpractice or some other kind of issue could be particularly devastating when you consider the delicacy of dental work and its related sub-fields.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to make sure you find a good orthodontist in Bligh Park.

1.     Look online

When in doubt, the world wide web is a good go-to. Simply perform a Google search for orthodontists in Bligh Park and you’ll be served with a list of geographically relevant results. Rather than just looking for the best practitioner in general, you have narrowed the search with a geographic keyword that alters the indexing behaviour of your search engine.

You should receive a list of suitable candidates in descending order of most relevant to least relevant. Because this a competitive industry, you will likely be served with lots of very similar results for an orthodontist in Bligh Park and will need to examine their website for more information about them.

2.     Examine their websites


Now it’s time to take a closer look at each website for the orthodontist in Bligh Park and learn as much as you can about them. Ideally, you should investigate their ‘about me’ sections and learn as much as you can about their work ethic as well as what the potential costs are going to be.

Their website should be easy for you to navigate and you should be able to easily check to see the qualifications of the practitioner you are contemplating giving your business to. Ideally, they should also have a blog section where they talk about current industry topics and issues.

The site should also load quickly in order for it to compete with other orthodontists in Bligh Park. If its so slow that it is impossible to use properly, it could be a sign indicating that their business isn’t that competent in general.

3.     Check out the testimonials

Another place to find more information about the orthodontist in Bligh Park is to read the reviews and testimonials they may have featured on their website. You might also be able to find reviews on the website’s Google listing and these may be more honest and trustworthy than those featured on a space the business has editorial control over.

If you want to find the best orthodontist in Bligh Park, you need to follow the tips listed above so that you only end up with a worthwhile practitioner.…

5 Tips To Avoid Needing Car Accident Lawyers In Cairns

If you are motorist who drives around Far North Queensland, then if you get into a smash with another vehicle you may require the help of good car accident Cairns lawyers. Needless to say, having to go into a legal dispute with another driver in order to determine who was at fault for a collision is stressful and time consuming – so it’s better to avoid needing a car accident lawyer in Cairns in the first place.

Vehicle collisions occur all the time and to avoid them you need to both watch your own driving behaviour and habits as well as those of other drivers. Doing this will help you be a safer driver which keep you and your passengers safe as well as helping you avoid the stress and expense a collision can bring to everyone involved.

Let’s take a look at some safe driving tips you can use to avoid needing to engage a car accident lawyer in Cairns.


1.     Watch your speed

The most obvious and effective way to avoid needing to see a car accident lawyer in Cairns is to watch your speed carefully and slow down where it makes common sense to. When the roads are busy, or wet, or there are lots of pedestrians (like right after school finishes) then it makes sense to be more cautious of your speed and even go a little under the prescribed speed limit.

Some other drivers are lunatics who absolutely need to speed their way around everything with the bare minimum of safety considerations. Don’t be one of those people – watch your speed so you don’t end up need to spend money hiring a car accident lawyer in Cairns.


2.     Don’t tailgate

Another way to avoid having to see a car accident lawyer in Cairns is to make sure you follow the rule of leaving a 2-3 second gap between the front of your car and the rear of the car ahead of you. Driving within this time window is known as ‘tailgating’ and it makes the driver in front of you anxious as well as gives less time for you to stop if they need to stop suddenly.

Also, stopping and starting constantly to tailgate in heavy traffic is going to wear on your brakes and bleed petrol without getting you to your destination any faster.


3.     Always use your indicators

One important way to stay away from needing a car accident lawyer in Cairns is to make sure you are always signalling correctly with your indicators. Failing to properly indicate where you intend to turn means the cars around you can only guess as to what you’re going to do next – needless to say this is a recipe for disaster.


4.     Parallel park where you can

Parallel parking can be tricky, but it is a good way to avoid the need to see a car accident lawyer in Cairns. This is because parking between two vehicles means there’s no room for anyone to start a new park next to you, meaning there is no room for them to scrape your vehicle.


5.     Don’t drive while fatigued

While driving may be a mundane, everyday activity for you – that doesn’t mean it’s something you can do with your eyes closed or without full attention. Many people don’t realise they are driving the same route home on autopilot and not really actively watching for threats around them, assuming the drive home will always be the same.

Those are just a few important tips for avoiding collisions while driving and in turn avoiding the need to hire a car accident lawyer in Cairns.…

5 Key Benefits For Using a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

What would begin as a means of assisting astronauts in space would soon find its way to lounge rooms across the globe.

The implementation of a zero gravity massage chair might sound futuristic and obscure, but these brands are designed to specifically cater to individuals who are suffering from all manner of diagnosed conditions.

With a level of innovation that has been formulated at NASA to manufacturers and developers closer to home in Australia, these items are geared for maximum comfort.

Before rushing into a purchase or opting for a cheaper model, it is important to read and examine the 5 key benefits of sourcing a massage chair that is classified as zero gravity.


Boosting Blood Circulation

The blood cells in the body are able to receive oxygen at a faster speed when the body is suspended. This is a key selling point to the inclusion of a zero gravity massage chair for participants who are at risk of strokes, blood clots and suffering from ailments that are caused by a healthy circulation in the body. The knock-on effects soon become evident, but rather than relying on medications and blood thinners, this is a pleasant experience that achieves many of the same objectives.


Quality Chronic Pain Relief Option

Citizens living with chronic pain feel a major limitation on their freedoms from day to day and hour to hour. That is one of the key reasons why consumers will see the use of a zero gravity massage chair as a genuine option for their own benefit. By elevating their body to feel weightless, those pressure points felt in the body are suddenly relieved. Whereas many men and women will look to self medicate at the chemist and see those pills and injections as the solution, this strategy is far easier, more enjoyable and affordable in the long-term.


Improving Flexibility & Posture

Fixing spinal alignment is an exercise that requires extensive work from start to finish. While a chiropractor and physiotherapist will be able to offer help in this domain, there will still need to be strategies at home that will improve posture to boost flexibility. That is where the use of a zero gravity massage chair will be recommended, working to decompress the spine and making the subtle adjustments that corrects the misalignment.


Combating Onset of Fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue are conditions that are linked to a variety of conditions. From stress and anxiety to low blood sugar and poor cholesterol levels, this is an issue that can impact on a number of elements in a person’s life. Trying to enjoy 8 hours of solid sleep at night can be a major challenge, seeing the use of a zero gravity massage chair as an ideal remedy. Participants are able to drift off into a deep sleep when they are suspended in the air to offer a weightlessness that is impossible to replicate. That anxiety, stress and pain can be offset to ensure that rest is achieved and the fatigue begins to diminish.


More Relaxing Experience

The weightlessness experience that can be enjoyed when resting on a zero gravity massage chair offers a comprehensive relaxing sensation from top to bottom. With the top brands offering customised features complimented with adjustable pillows and padded seating arrangements, users are able to drift off into a deep sleep before they are able to appreciate all of the qualities on full display. While the direct health benefits are of major importance, particularly those who have been diagnosed with specific conditions, the comfort and relaxation levels cannot be matched.


The implementation of a zero gravity massage chair allows users to feel like they are receiving first class treatment around the clock 24/7. Everyone can benefit from these features – the next step is to find local providers who can deliver the goods.



Everything You Need to Know About Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Specialist disability accommodation (SDA) is a form of housing made available in Australia for some people with high support needs. Such housing might have unique features or designs in order to cater to the needs of residents.

SDA isn’t for everyone, but some people covered under the NDIS may be eligible to receive funding for it.

What exactly is SDA?

Specialist disability accommodation provides customised housing for people with very high functional impairment, ensuring that their individual needs are catered for. The type of dwelling may vary (i.e. SDA can take the form of a house or apartment, for instance), but what each place has in common is that it provides an appropriate physical environment for people with high needs to live and thrive in. This may include having certain aids and equipment (such as stair lifts), and limiting how many residents can live in a dwelling at any one time.


Who is eligible for it?

To be eligible to live in specialist disability accommodation, applicants must meet strict criteria set by the NDIS. Only a small proportion of people meet these criteria.

View the whole list of criteria online.


Types of SDA categories

The type of housing an eligible person will live in depends on their specific needs. There are a number of different housing design categories, namely:


This type of dwelling does not have any unique design features, but it does have relevant SDA characteristics, including shared supports, location and privacy.

Improved liveability

This type of specialist disability accommodation offers improved physical access to people with sensory, cognitive or intellectual handicaps.

Full accessibility

This type of home is designed to provide exceptional physical access to those with high levels of physical impairment.


This is a dwelling which provides both excellent physical access and great resilience, ideal for residents who exhibit complex and/or potentially harmful behaviours. It may include secure windows and doors, sound proofing and/or laminated glass.

High physical support

This housing solution is designed to suit people with high physical access needs and high levels of support needs. It may include assistive technology, household communications and emergency power solutions.


Types of buildings

Types of dwellings available through specialist disability accommodation include:


An apartment is a self-contained unit which makes up part of a larger building.


A house is a low-rise dwelling which features a front and/or backyard area with a garden.

Villa or townhouse

A villa or townhouse is a separate, semi-attached dwelling located on the same area as other villas/townhouses.

Group home

A group home can consist of any type of specialist disability accommodation building, though it is most commonly a house. However, it will always contain 4-5 residents.


Similar to a group home, a legacy home can be any building (most commonly a house), but it contains more than 6 residents.


How to apply

To begin, if you haven’t already, make an access request to the NDIS. You will need to provide proof of identity and answer several questions to see if you meet the eligibility requirements.

If you are eligible you will then be supported to create a plan, which will help you determine your goals and needs. A representative will discuss specialist disability accommodation with you and help you apply for it if you are eligible. Your family can assist you throughout this process if you like.

SDA is an excellent housing option for a small number of Australians with very high support needs. Check with your NDIS representative to find out if you are eligible to apply.…

Why You Should Explore Buying Guides Before Settling On A Laser Cutter To Invest In

Stopping and thinking about a purchase before buying it is one of those things that really takes practice. We currently live in a throw away society that is extremely fast paced so when people have purchased something, the chances are that the next best thing will come along in a heart beat. The company Apple has really done this best and encouraged its customers to simply upgrade rather than keep their current item.

But even when people know this, it doesn’t really feel that good short-term to pause, reflect, and research before making a purchase. In fact, studies have shown that shopping is just as addictive as gambling which means that most people are fighting a losing battle. But there are some strategies that people can implement which may be enough to stop them from making a knee-jerk purchase. So that people are not jumping into something that they are going to later regret, here is why you should explore buying guides before settling on a laser cutter to invest in.  


You should explore buying guides before settling on a laser cutter to invest in so that you can make sure you are buying something that does everything that you need it to

There is nothing worse than when someone saves for something for a long time and purchases it only to find that it actually wasn’t exactly what they were after. One of the reasons for this is because people are often blinded by excitement and they do not stop to think about what they actually are buying and what is included. As this is the case, it can be a great idea to explore buying guides before settling on a laser cutter to invest in.

Many people out there have put these together online and will include several different options and brands that are around the same price guide that people can read about and figure out what kinds of things are included. There are also likely some candid pros and cons as it will be real people who are writing these guides and not the company themselves (although they may be paying people so it is still important to take it with a grain of salt).


You should explore buying guides before settling on a laser cutter to invest in so that you are able to figure out how much you need to put aside in your budget

While having a strict budget isn’t the most glamorous thing in the world, it is the best thing to do if people are wanting to keep themselves out of debt as well as keep their head above water. This may seem simple enough, however, people are exposed to tons of different advertisements each day that are cleverly placed in the path of their target audience so that they are able to make as many sales as possible. This means that people may get the sudden urge to invest in something when they didn’t actually have this urge before.

This is why so many people encourage the population to have a 30-day list where they put down items that they think they want to buy and if they still want that item after 30-days, then they can go out and get it. The great thing about doing this is that people are able to have some time to explore some buying guides and get a better idea of how much their desired laser cutter is to purchase so that they can put this money away.


Paella Catering in Sydney: What You Need to Know

Considering getting paella catering in Sydney? Here’s everything you need to know about ordering this famous Spanish dish.


What it is

This is a traditional and unpretentious Spanish rice-based dish served in a pan. Flavours tend to include saffron, garlic, tomato, lemon and parsley. For protein, your options include chicken, seafood or chorizo.


Its origins

Before there was paella catering in Sydney, the dish was concocted and enjoyed by folks over in Valencia, Spain. It emerged thanks to the irrigation systems developed by the Romans, which allowed rice to grow and become a stable part of the diet by the 15th century. It’s believed that the dish originated as an open-air meal served by lake Albufera, where water vole was used in place of chicken.

Over time, the dish evolved to become a bit more sophisticated, with the Valencians adding other ingredients – such as duck, beans, rabbit and paprika – to their pans. The dish began to spread to other locations, and a seafood variety soon emerged near the Mediterranean shores. The traditional seafood dish has the seafood still in its shell, although other versions exist where the shell is removed before it reaches the table.

Paella catering in Sydney slowly emerged after the Spanish began to migrate to Australia in the late 1800s – the first Spanish restaurant in the country opened in Melbourne in 1860. By the 1950s, Spanish migrants were flocking in, and Spanish food became very popular across the nation!

As for the name itself? It’s literally Catalan for ‘pan’. The word we use today emerged in 1840 in a newspaper article, and the rest is history!


How it’s prepared

Paella catering in Sydney takes many hours, from preparing the vegetables to cooking the food. The essential part of making the dish involves using the right pan – it should be a large, thin, round one. This type of pan helps to produce the sofrito – the flavour-rich sauce made of tomatoes, olive oil and onion (though actual ingredients used depend on the region making it) that forms the base of the dish.  Next, fresh, local, premium ingredients must be used to ensure the quality and taste of paella catering in Sydney, and it is crucial that the right type of rice is used. Short-grained rice is required to absorb the sofrito whilst retaining firmness – mushy rice is a great way to ruin the dish.

One of the key signs of a great dish is the quality of the rice layer. If it is cooked right, it will be slightly crispy and toasted (without being burnt), and will earn the name of ‘socarrat’. This is produced by raising the heat during the last stages of cooking – the rice should start to crackle. Another sign is how deep the rice layer is; it should be quite thin so that you know the rice has absorbed the sofrito.


How it’s eaten

Once the food is cooked through, Paella catering in Sydney is traditionally served to guests in the pan it was cooked in – on the centre of the dining table, of course. Place a bowl next to it for guests to place their seafood shells if necessary. The dish should be divided up into equal sections. Then, guests are free to eat straight out of the pan! Feel free to squeeze lemon on top and pair it with some white wine if you’re feeling up for it.



Paella catering in Sydney is designed to be shared; it is the perfect dish for bringing people together and putting a smile on everyone’s faces.…